I just let InfusionSoft in on my secret to managing virtual teams: Design a virtual water cooler, but don’t forget about real world interactions. Virtual offices are great, but aim to meet in person with your team at least twice per year. Since I started doing this, productivity has doubled.

For other virtual managers, their go-to approach was to hire right and keep workers happy from the start. Obviously, right? However, you’d be surprised how many people hire wrong. They hire overly qualified people or don’t give HR as much oomph since it’s all virtual.

Some say that communication remains the key to management, and it’s certainly an integral aspect of it! Employees need to be invested in each other, which will require managers to be innovative and ensure communication is always front and center. Monthly informal emails, daily status emails, regular video calls and screenshots are all helpful.

Make sure you have documented systems in place, and of course the best tools to support them. This will streamline processes, whether it’s marketing or onboarding, and having a CRM everyone knows and trusts is paramount.

Finally, always bear in mind time zones and culture. Language barriers exist, you might not realize there’s a cultural divide within a team and since everyone’s working virtually, there’s really no telling what’s happening on their end (like a crying baby!).

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5 Powerful Steps to Manage Virtual Teams