Here’s an easy resolution for you: Follow more, but maintain quality! published the ultimate list of entrepreneurs to follow this new year, and I’m proud to have made the list. Not to boast, but I already have 471,000 followers—and there’s always room for more! I share on social media the ups and downs of startup life, inspirational quotes, and tips on bootstrapping. Being an entrepreneur is certainly a wild ride, and I’m happy to inspire others, share my best tips, and let you learn from my mistakes and successes.

I’m also in great company, with 20 other stellar entrepreneurs featured. There’s Steve Blank, Seth Godin, and Kathryn Minshew featured. Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or another social media platform, who you follow can lead you exactly where (and to who!) you want to be.

You might not have time to read the top 21 business books of the year (even though you should), however following entrepreneurs is an easy way to stay connected, informed, and network. Plus, you never know when you might get a client tip or referral!

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21 Thought Leaders Every Entrepreneur Should Follow