What do Digg, Mixx, StumbleUpon, Reddit and other similar services have in common? Well, many things, but among them, the abundance of newly launched “make money blogging” and “make money online” blogs.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, except for the fact that at least 95% of them are meant to fail. Are you part of those potentially successful 5%? If not, it’s probably due to at least one of the following 20 reasons.

  1. You’re competing in a VERY crowded niche;
  2. You have no authority;
  3. You don’t give a damn about personal and blog branding;
  4. You have no proof you’ve already made money using the methods you promote;
  5. When it comes to reporting your income, you’re suddenly very quiet;
  6. You’re not providing advice, but rather guide readers through a series of affiliate links;
  7. Instead of talking from experience you keep reviewing other bloggers’ opinions;
  8. Your free eBook is just another make money online tips compilation;
  9. Everything you say has already been said;
  10. You blog posts are filled with keywords, so many that we can hardly find a natural, valid opinion;
  11. You leave comments on other blogs using spammy keywords for the author name and as if that is not enough, you throw one or two links in the comment too. This will affect your reputation, sooner or later, but it will;
  12. Instead of focusing on making your blog better you keep kissing John Chow’s a$$, hoping for… what?
  13. You’re not Chow (actually, you should be happy for that);
  14. You forget that in order to teach people how to make money blogging you should first teach them how to become better bloggers;
  15. Filling you blog with AdSense, text links and banners doesn’t get you enough money to say that you’re a money maker. Why? Because it drives readers out. Good bye traffic, good bye earnings!
  16. Don’t tell me I can make tons of cash with AdSense. That time is long gone. Have you seen any new $XX,XXX.XX cheque photos lately?
  17. Interesting that you have reviewed gazillions of money making services and guide us to them, but, have you made even a cent out of them? No, the paid review doesn’t count;
  18. You’re actually full of s#it. So much gibberish, not a single concrete advice;
  19. Are you ready to go full time blogging about making money? If not, stop telling us how to make money when you obviously don’t;
  20. And last: My grandmother’s pension is bigger than your monthly income. Fake it ’til you make it DOES NOT WORK.

Do you own a “make money online” blog? Do you find yourself in any of the above situations? If so, stop pretending. If you don’t buy it, neither will we.

Also, remember that you don’t want to make money blogging. Not right from the beginning at least.