Around a year and a half I purchased a company where I took on one of the best teams that I’d ever worked with. We really didn’t have money to pay our employees more money but I wanted to show them how much I loved them and cared about their work.

I decided that for 1 month I would bring lunch into the office everyday. Though this was hard for the company at the time (literally coming out of my own pocket) I still did it. This was one of the best things I could ever do for my business. People worked longer, were happier and bragging to all their friends about what an awesome job they had. Literally moral was up 10x for the days we did that.

I 100% recommend that you try bringing in daily lunch for your business. Plan on $5-$7 per employee (min) and make sure you know dietary restrictions for everyone that’s going to be getting lunch. We assigned one person each day to be in-charge over this (so we didn’t have one person stressed on a daily basis) this also helped with everyone getting what they wanted and not feeling left out!

Here is what I told Bplans:

I never realized how much our employees loved and appreciated lunch until we skipped it for a week. It was a disaster! When you have lunch in the office people work harder, longer, and become better friends with everyone in the company.

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