There are numerous ways to crush quotas, and I’m proud to be featured as one of HubSpot’s top 11. For me, it’s all about being independent. A great sales rep can work on their own (but of course, knows how to work as part of a team!). They’re not dependent or co-dependent on their peers, and they don’t expect their bosses to hold their hand. Knowing you’re your best asset, and living up to that expectation, is key.

It’s been one of the single most critical characteristics in my career. If you can prospect, get meetings together, sustain relationships, research, and operate experiments solo, you’ll find success. My advice is to write (yes, write!) five things you’d like to achieve all by yourself. Watch the actions you take for one week. If necessary, develop skills you don’t already have to make it happen. Every week, select five new goals. They can and will roll over.

However, also keep in mind that being fantastic at sales is an ongoing journey—you’ll never be “finished.” You also need to keep in mind that it takes a lot of work and time. If you focus on strengths while simultaneously battling weaknesses, that’s the best cocktail for success.

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11 Traits of Quota-Crushing Sales Reps-with John Rampton