In an article I wrote for Inc., I shared the ten qualities that are common among people who have high emotional intelligence. In the digital and virtual age, the idea of humanness often gets lost despite the advantages of truly understanding your own emotions and those of others so you can communicate effectively. Those that can do so are often those identified as having the greatest success.

In knowing and admiring many people with high emotional intelligence — as well as aiming to develop my own qualities — there are ten areas to focus on. These areas of emotional intelligence include not being a perfectionist, balancing work and play, embracing change, not getting easily distracted, being empathetic, knowing strengths and weaknesses, being self-motivated, not dwelling on the past, focusing on the positive and setting boundaries.

Having these qualities associated with emotional intelligence not only helps to effectively communicate with other in person or online, but it also helps motivate others, minimizes unproductive conflict, facilitates productivity and produces an enjoyable work environment. Leaders especially need to have these traits because it provides others with a model to shape their own development of emotional intelligence.

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