The wonderful community of WordPress developers constantly provides us with interesting new themes and plugins. I have scanned the most recent WordPress plugin releases and came up with a list of 10 plugins definitely worth taking a look at.

Keep in might that these are new releases and so, their stability and status should be considered as BETA. You might want to test them on a backup server before going live. The descriptions listed here are those submitted by the plugins’ authors and do not necessarily express my views.

1. WP Content Slideshow

WP Content Slideshow shows up to 5 Posts in a very nice and powerfull Javascript Slideshow. On the left side of the Slideshow it displays an image for every post. On the right side, there are all the titles (and a small description under the title) of the posts. The Slideshow highlights the active post and repeats automatically after getting to the 5th post. You have a powerfull Administration Area to adjust the category, the number of posts, the width and height, and many colours for the Slideshow!

Download: WP Content Slideshow
Compatibility: 2.6+

2. Sidebar Generator

Now you can create as many sidebars as you need for any page you want. Thats right, page/post specific sidebars. You can easily seperate your site into sections, or make every single page have specific sidebar content on it. Great for CMS sites.

Download: Sidebar Generator
Compatibility: 2.8.0+

3. WordPress Tabs Slides

Tabs and Slides (in post/page) Plugin gives you the ability to easily add content tabs and/or content slides. The tabs emulate a multi-page structure, while the slides emulate an accordion-like structure, inside a single page!

Download: WordPress Tabs Slides
Compatibility: 2.5+

4. Custom Login Page

With the Custom Login Page, you can change the background image of your login page, the background image/color of your login form div, the main logo image of your login page, and add custom CSS. All through a simple interface. Remember to view the Help tab at the top of the settings page of the plugin.

Download: Custom Login Page
Compatibility: 2.0.2+

5. Featured Page Widget

Allows you to feature pages on your sidebar using an excerpt of the page and a text or image link to the page.

Download: Featured Page Widget
Compatibility: 2.8 – 2.8.4 (maybe 2.8.5)

6. Ecwid Shopping Cart

Ecwid is free full-fledged shopping cart that can be easily add to any blog. It offers the performance and flexibility you need, with none of the hassles you don’t.

Download: Ecwid Shopping Cart
Compatibility: 2.7+

7. SubHeading

This plugin uses a custom field to allow subheadings to be added to both posts and pages. The custom sub heading field is re-positioned so that it is displayed directly below the main title.

Download: SubHeading
Compatibility: 2.8.2+

8. ShowTime Slideshow

Displays all pictures attached to a post/page as a slideshow. Simple setup. This plugin requires Adobe Flash, reverts nicely to default WordPress gallery if Flash is not found. Choose among high quality transitions. Ken Burns (pan&zoom) and many other effects. Full Screen mode.

Download: ShowTime Slideshow
Compatibility: 2.7+

9. Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is an Ads management WordPress plugin. It offers a quicker & flexible way to insert Adsense or any Ads code into a blog post. Besides, it can randomly place the Ads anywhere within a post. It comes with a simple setting page, and it does not overwhelm you with complicated customizable options.

Download: Quick Adsense
Compatibility: 2.5 – 2.8.4 (maybe 2.8.5)

10. Members

Members is a plugin that extends your control over your blog. It’s a user, role, and content management plugin that was created to make WordPress a more powerful CMS. The plugin is created with a components-based system — you only have to use the features you want.

Download: Members
Compatibility: 2.8+