The niche of blogging tips is a crowded one and no wonder it’s that way. Blogging is so “the new black”. It gives you freedom, the perspective of making a few (or more) bucks and why not, for some might be just a way to vent. So, what better way to reach a constantly growing and renewing audience than by providing tips on how they should blog. The problem is that sometimes bloggers in this niche forget to be original and get stuck in the same circle of clichés.

Let me take you through my personal top 5 list of the most annoying blogging clichés.

5. Content is king

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that reads this almost daily on some blog or Twitter. It gives me the feeling that people keep on discovering the wheel over and over again. We all know that content is king, but there’s so much more beyond that. How many or the articles you read on this topic go further into exploring the ways to give your content the deserved spotlight? My take is that without due promotion, aesthetics and a good network, your content is nothing but a king without a kingdom!

4. How to overcome a writer’s block

Are there any more ways to overcome a writer’s block? I’ve read so much advice on this, but fact is you only need to know/do 3 things:

  • Step aside from what you’re trying to write.
  • Get out of the house, do something different. There’s life outside blogging too!
  • Ask other people for their opinion. You might consider it or not, but a fresh perspective is always welcome.

Other than this it’s all a matter of personal habits, of things we love to do and things that relax us.

3. Top X lists

He he, I know I’m guilty, but can you blame me? We all love lists! The trick is to know how and when to do another list post. Lists are such an easy way to get some new content published without worrying too much about creative writing, but please don’t overdo it. Have a good balance between in depth articles that will encourage your readers to think and react and list posts. Consider them a way to give your readers a moment to breathe.


Also, make sure you don’t copy other people’s lists, which is hard because lists are about mass-appeal, and if you chose a topic, chances are other bloggers have already been there and already done that, most probably in just the same way.

2. (How to) Make money blogging

Hype. Everyone wants to be the next 6 figure blogger (hate the term) and so many people state they can help you. Fact is, even if they could, they rarely do. I mean, have a look around at most of the crowned kings in the make money blogging niche and answer me this: how factual are their tips. Or better yet, how many tips, other than generic stuff they share? It’s all about “I’m affiliate to this, I’m affiliate to that, try it too.” Of course, through their affiliate links. I’m not saying you cannot make money online (God, please don’t smite me!). I’m just saying that there are only a few things you need to consider and not expect someone else to do it for you:

  • Put great content out there. Nobody gives a poop (stop smiling, I’m just using decent language!) about how much you make if you don’t help them make that too.
  • Try out different services. Some will prove to be money makers, some won’t, but there’s no generic recipe that will fit every blogger and his unique blogging style and topics, and most importantly their particular audience.
  • Network like crazy! It’s the one big secret you rarely read, but if you watch closely, networking it’s all there is to it. Call it affiliate marketing, call it promotion, call it whatever you want. In the end it’s still multi-level marketing and it cannot be done without strong partners and happy followers!

Or, you might just want to create a brand for yourself that you can leverage to promote and distribute your own products, but that’s a path that requires work and where the fun in that when we could just expect money to fall from the sky.

And now for my all time favorite

1. Stand out from the crowd!

I’m guessing I should be in perfect health right now from all the standing gymnastics I’ve done. No really, how many times a week do you read this? I know it sound nice, it even rhymes, but seriously, ain’t that the reason you blog about blogging, to help your readers achieve uniqueness and greatness? Should you add another generic “stand out from the crowd” post just to catch a damn long-tail keyword in search engine rankings?

Every time you use a blogging cliché…

Mr. Newman is sad because of all the blogging clichésYou’ll make Mr. Newman sad, and seriously, see for yourself how sad he already is!

Jokes aside, consider this post as an advice to keep away from the blogging clichés. I know it’s hard since the niche is crowded and topics tend to come back into spotlight regularly, but if you must write about it, please try and get a fresh perspective or at least add some depth to your perspective. People rarely get down and dirty dissecting topics because using a cliché is just that: an easy way to get something out there. Why would you want to complicate your life? Really? Then I’d ask you: Why would you want to waste my time making me read the same over-recycled content?

Over to you

Tell me which are the most annoying blogging clichés you’ve come across in your blogging adventures? Drop me a comment, or better yet, write a post about it and give it a nice twist. Link it back here and if it’s really interesting I’ll include it in this post as a sample of “what others think”.

The cute sad pup in this photo is Bob aka Mr. Newman, which unfortunately passed away (one more reason not to upset him) and the shot was taken by Christopher Michel

19 comments on “Top 5 Most Annoying Blogging Clichés

  • Hi Alex,

    Every cliche is spot on there. I believe we tend to see the same cliche repeat and repeat continuously is because most people like to read them. I am guilty of some of the few too. The one that i found most annoying is the “make money blogging” cliche. It seem so easy to make people believe by starting a blog to teach people how to make money online.



  • Hi,

    I’ve just started with my “blogging adventure” and I’ve been reading for weeks about those clichés time and time again. You totally nailed it. These “clichés” are such generic, obvious and non-conclusive advices that get almost useless at the end.

    I liked the “King without kingdom” analogy.


  • What a cute pooch you have there and yes I don’t want Mr. Newman to be lonely (my condolences). What can I say? Content is really the king of blog-and-roll forever. Even a cliche is better than nothing. I wrote about this topic just today in response to your request.

    Enjoy blogging!

  • Overused cliches are really downright discouraging and disappointing. I am sometimes guilty of using it. That is why I am trying to post fresh content but with a personal appeal or a personal twist. Sometimes it’s really safer to write about personal blogging experience, what you learned along the way. That way it would totally be unique or different.

  • I do see those clichés, but mainly on blogs about blogging. Most of the blogs I read, though, are personal blogs and not commercial blogs. I go to blogs about blogging to pick up tips, but I much prefer personal blogs. I have found a huge difference between those types. Do you find the clichés you’re talking about on personal blogs?

  • So often the people posting these topics have only been blogging a short time and all their content is a cliche, regurgitated from other sites who don’t really have the experience or background either.

  • For me I think that ‘Top X’ posts are the worst. The most recent post that I wrote was actually a list post but I didn’t proclaim that the points I’d written were the ‘top’ points or even the ‘best’.

    Because so much more things in our niches are being constantly developed we can’t just say that these are the top of anything because that automatically says that our list post is superior over everybody else’s and it’s the be all and end all of list posts covering that topic.

  • OK, now I’m scared (can ya smell it?) Your cliches are spot on. Especially #5 Content is King. Makes me want to choke when I here the “Gurus” (gag, oooh that tasted like puke), push it but….

    When my pizzeria was open before the divorce, I read a piece of advise from Papa Joe at LaNova Pizzeria in Buffalo, NY and of hot wings fame. He said “watch the pie and the rest will take care of itself”. As a blogging newbie I decided to experiment and try it with my blog. Hey it worked for my pizzeria.

    My cleaning business blog has been up for about 2 weeks now and am in the process of continuing to add both my original articles and videos I found on YouTube. It’s mostly a training blog for newbie cleaners or experienced independents who may want to expand into other operations.

    So far I haven’t gotten any complaints! And have actually started to make some money from it. All I am doing is daily updating and adding to the King Content part and the rest seems to be taking care of itself.

    I hope this helps in someway.



  • You hit the nail right on. I see this not only in how to blog, but any learn how to do what I did tips. It seems that primarily they use the generic tips to move you intrigue you into buying. Can’t hate ’em for wanting to make a buck.

    On the flip side their accomplishments are just good, ol’ fashion hard work that can’t be duplicated simply from reading a how to.

  • You can have a “winning” blog without these rules. It’s more how hard you work. Once I had a blog with duplicate content, posted once a week and it put me on the top spot in Google with 2 mill. results in the serp’s. Site was sold for 10.000 euro.

    Why? It had a lot of incoming links and moren than a 1000 subscribers.

    It’s all about the hard work

  • I definitely agree with your post here. I’m tired of reading all of these blogs that are built around advertising and adsense. The genuine content that you find in good blogs, like I found here, is what is needed to keep blogging popular and worth reading. If I wanted more ads, I’d watch more television. Thanks for being original, I’ll definitely be back.

  • Hi Alex,

    You have done a great job buddy. Excellent post with the top 5 useful cliches for the best blogging. I agree with these cliches which gives blog with pretty look annoying. Will use these to improve our blogging. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep sharing good things like this. Congrats.

  • Cliches become cliches because they’re usually true. Repeating them may be boring, but if you try and create a new angle, you may lose the wisdom of the source.

    Having said that, I liked your “King without a Kingdom” angle. 8)



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