At the end of September, I announced a group writing project & contest on Blogsessive. The contest ended on September 30th, and today I’m happy to announce the final results.

Grand Prize Winner

The winner of the identity design package, “Personal license” for the Edge premium WordPress theme and 500 business cards is Rarst (Andrey Savchenko) from Congratulations and thanks Andrey for an inspired and inspiring post!

The winning post is: Recipe for engaging post.

Honorable Mentions

Mine and jury’s appreciation and 250 business cards go for each of the two runner-ups:

  • “A 60 Second Guide to Engaging Your Readers” by Joanna Young of
  • “Whose Smile Warms Your Heart?” by Brad Shorr of

Full List of Participants

Here is the complete list of entries received for this project, including the three winners:

  • How Other Bloggers Engage Me
  • How to connect with your readers
  • How to engage with your blog readers
  • Recipe for engaging post
  • Whose Smile Warms Your Heart?
  • A 60 Second Guide to Engaging Your Readers
  • How to engage your blog readers?

Thank you all for participating in this project. It has been a pleasure reading all your entries!

Also, I must thank again those that supported this project, Blog Design Studio and U Printing, Jacob Share of and the jury members: Alina Popescu and Tibi Puiu.

In the next few days I’ll be contacting personally each of the winners to set up the prize delivery.

13 comments on “Group Writing Project & Contest Results

  • Hi All, Thank you so much for the honorable mention. I am very grateful and appreciate the prize. Congratulations to Joanna and also to the winner, Andrey, for an excellent and appetizing post. All the entries were instructive and I hope you will repeat the project again one day. Lots of valuable information for new and experienced bloggers!

  • Yaaaay! I was eyeing blogsessive all evening for results, probably looked like stalker in Woopra. 🙂

    Thanks to Alex for organizing contest and choosing such cool topic. Thanks to sponsors, well for sponsoring. 🙂

    Off to read submissions and calm down a bit.

  • Congratulations Andrey! Your post was very engaging and made me think about the value of charm in the blogosphere – something that doesn’t often get talked about.

    Congratulations to my friend Brad too, and all the other contributors – lots of interesting ideas there.

    I’m very pleased to be a runner up, and to have had the invitation to join this competition – I wrote a piece in a different style to usual and a lot of readers enjoyed it.

    Thanks for organising this, I know this kind of project can be a lot of work.

  • Joanna, Brad and Andrey, the three winners, first to comment. 🙂 Thank you all for taking part in this!

    Joanna, indeed it takes time, but the results, the thousands of words used to create such wonderful content are worth much more than that time. It has been MY pleasure!

    For now, I’ll stop the contests to prepare one that will be totally worth it in December. Better nicer than monthly, I believe.

  • Hi everyone and congratulations to all participants! Andrey, Joanna and Brett, special congrats to you! It was great fun reviewing all entries and I picked up a few new tricks! 🙂

    Apologies for the delay, but I had good reasons for it. If you don’t believe me, ask Alex, he heard my flu & bed rest voice 🙂

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