What’s new around the blogosphere? Well, some things have happened recently that worth mentioning. Check out the latest blogosphere news bellow:

The MixxMash

Mixx.com released an experimental option for their users called MixxMash. Through this option, YourMixx will be organized by type of media with content from all your categories, tags and users. Nice and easy to follow. You also have the possibility of generating a feed of your MixxMash.

They Mixx for iPhone

While we’re talking about Mixx, you should know they recently made available they service for iPhone, which can be accessed at http://i.mixx.com/.

Google’s Burning Love

FeedBurner is working on an account migration since it has been bought by Google, and, in the coming weeks, selected publishers will have the possibility to sign in using their Google account data. There is also an interest in a better integration with other Google service accounts like Google AdSense.

Roll the Dice, Give Me My Page Rank

And, as you probably know by now, since 29th, Google started updating Page Ranks. Numbers have been going up and down for the past 2 days, but they will soon settle and we’ll see the latest level of consideration that Google has for our blogs!

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